I’m coming back!

6 Aug

I’m coming back! I promise!
I’ll try to keep with the japanese drama reviews but for now enjoy the new song for Cat Power.

So happy she’s back after 8 years XDD

Strawberry Night

26 Mar

As I just finished watching Strawberry Night I felt the urge to comment about it. I was really surprised by the SP that aired last November. Very well tied up detective tale, really good story, nice build round characters, amazing cast. And, by the way, I recommend everybody that likes cop/detective dramas to watch it. So when the renzoku drama started to air this winter season I was a little disappointed with the first episode and took a while to sit and watch the other episodes. Silly me ~



As I said, the story is really good. We get to follow a investigative unit in the Tokyo Metropolitan Police. They deal with murders, and as seen in the SP, with some heavy stuff. Serial killers, yakuza, vengence and intricate murders.

Himekawa Reiko, beautifully played by Takeuchi Yuko, is a young female team leader that and uses her instincts to solve the crimes. Her constant use of hunches and her gender annoy her colleges, who calls her Hime (princess), but she’s very respected and trusted by her subordinates.

Except for Kikuta, played by Nishijima Hidetoshi, the subordinates were pretty much disposable characters, in my opinion. Aside from a couple of helpful insights they didn’t do much. Not that this takes any of the good points of the drama. Himekawa’s so awesome that all the rest is irrelevant. She has a dark and trouble past that torment her. She has this hatred and anger that moves her forward and she constantly battles with her nature in order to not let it win. Plus, she’s a woman and a woman in a men world.

Also, the crimes are very intricate keeping your eyes glued to the screen.


Himekawa’s relationship with Kikuta is rather cute. Full of mutual respect, admiration and care. Tempered by the fact that they’re co-workers and this is a Japanese drama (so no kiss kiss hug hug people). I myself, prefer it like this ~ And I must said I was surprised by Nishijima Hidetoshi. He has this serious and suffering look on his face that reminds me of Yusuke Santamaria. I already note his name down in order to check more of his work 😉

Plus, I mustn’t forget to mention the participation of Hamada Gaku in the last three episodes.

Being a big fan I always know that anything that this kid shows up will turn up good XD

full 5 stars for this drama. If you like crime dramas this is a must watch. If you’re too lazy or busy for the renzoku, at least watch the SP. Is really worth it ^^

So, stay with the theme song for the SP, sung by Shibasaki Kou:

‘Cause roller skates are cool ;D

12 Oct

And that’s how we roll ^_^

Well, to get to know me you need to know I’m a JE fan XD It’s been almost 4 years and I must admit JE has a big part in my life. I won’t say they rule my life because I don’t think they do or should. However, I’m a proud fan 😀

For those that don’t know much about them JE (or more precisely J&A) is a japanese agency for young boys. [if you like you can read their page on wiki] And they pretty much monopolize the boy band business in Japan, unfortunately, which don’t make them less awesome :p There are around 12 debuted and active band/artists today and they’re all full of awesome, fail, sparkles, gayness and all that jazz 😀

So, since you need to know a little about these guys to get to know me I’ll talk a little about them. About my favorites :

the amazing awesomeness osaka mess that is Kanjani8.
Kanjani8 is a seven (formaly 8, thus the name) men group. They were all born in the Kansai region (thus the name! lol Kan from kansai and jani form johnnys). They are all noisy, over the egde, good at comedy. They used to dress as Rangers and save the world on their concerts. They also dressed as sushi at the last Johnny’s Countdown. They’re awesome like that.

They debuted with a enka song and they play instruments (almost all of them, poor lazy Yoko) so they dance, sing and play.

They’re a bunch of perverts, the kansai boys. We love them for that ❤

They also do very serious advertising XD

Then, there’s V6

The Victorious, volleyball, sexy honey bunnies uncles that is V6 XD They are all past 30s right now but can still rock your world. They started with some eurobeat parapara songs but change it over the years.

They can be like this

But also

But, in fact, they’re very serious old men

Are the most gay thing in this world. They ride pink elephants on their concerts. Their songs sometimes have food names and are simple and beautiful. They have one that’s call ‘sneeze’ and I want to marry with this song as background.

Before I talk about kisumai, I need to talk a little about HikaruGenji and the 80’s golden era.
HikaruGenji was born in the 80’s and you know what that mean. Among the things that made HikaGen awesome is the fact that they rollerskates XD That’s right.
Have a video – and be prepare to see underage boys rollerskate, sing and dance and wear embarassing costumes and make girls flail 🙂

So, what does kisumai has to do with HikaGen? They rollerskate too ^^ Good for them! Good for us!

Kisumai only debuted this august, but they’ve been around since 2005. Their name comes from their members names – Kitayama, Senga, Miyata, Yokoo, Fugigaya, Tamamori and 2 stands for Nikaido. Uncle Johnny likes to play.

Eibici is still a jr group,  like Kisumai until a few months ago, which means they’re undebuted. They’re around since 2001 though and say they’re awesome is too little. Their name stands for, prepare yourself, Acrobatic Boys Club. The Z was add in 2008 when a 5th member was add and I don’t remeber what Z stands for. But who cares!! They do acrobatics. And sing and dance just like any other boyband. They’re more active in butais (plays and musicals) doing sometimes 15 shows a year. They never stop ^^

They also have JARK in their souls, whatever that is. Their most famous song talks about vanilla scented sweet dreams, let me make dirty things to you this night :DD


And to finish: have all of them together being very responsible before a Johnny’s Sports Events

Summer season 2011 ~ Soredemo, Ikite yuku

15 Aug

This is Soredemo, Ikite yuku (Even so, let’s keep living). It tells the story of this young man and woman connected by a terrible crime in their lives. 15 years ago, Toyama Futaba’s (played by Mitsushima Hikari) older brother brutally murdered Fukami Hiroki’s (played by Eita) little sister. Now, they’re trying to find some explanation to this terrible crime while trying to found a reason to keep living.

Summer season is popular for it’s young, fresh and silly stories full of comedy and romance. Soredemo is nothing like that. After I finished the first episode I thought I wouldn’t enjoy this drama and that it would be those ones that I take ages to finished because it’s so boring. But I was mistaken! The drama has a heavy emotional weight and a low pace, yes! but is surprisingly interesting and addicting. The murderer, played by Kazama Shunsuke, is mysterious and haunt the characters throughout the story. We don’t know why he did it, if he regretted it, if he’ll do it again … And Futaba and Hiroki’s relationship is so endearing. You can’t avoid cheering for those two while they try to understand their feelings ♥

I must give special credit to Kazapon and Otake Shinobu (that play the murdered girl’s mother). I do hope JE transform Kazapon into the new Ikuta Toma, he surely deserves it. And Otake is such a good actress I get goosebumps from time to time 😀

I don’t usually review dramas I haven’t finished yet, but this one surprised me so much that I feel I need to pimp it out!!! So, if you’re like me and don’t get much impressed by the tons of ikemen drama summer season is always full of, give it a try 😉

For encouragement, here’s the openning, one of the most beautiful I ever seen:

Back to adolescence

15 Aug

So, a long time ago I was a pretty addicted Björk fan. I would stalk her website and listen to only her all day long, my mother hated that btw. She played an important role in my growing up, I must say. To a girl with identity/sexuality issues Björk was a plateful of encouragement and support. I could be weird, and myself, I din’t have to be sugar sweet and subservient to be a proper girl; I was me and that didn’t make me less of a girl.

Anyway, the point of all this is that, although I don’t listen to Björk as much as before and I might think her albuns aren’t as good as before, I must admit she’s very important to me and well… She still ROCKS!!

After listening to Crystalline I got excited about her new album. It has that Vespertine crackly-crystal-melody plus the hard-beat from Homogenic ^^



13 Aug

Hi everyone,

Welcome to my wordpress blog XD

I’m not good with introductions so let’s skip that part. You’ll find a piece of me here. From complaining to admiring, I go everywhere, from TV, movies, japanese culture, music and school XD Bare with me 😀